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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

samedi 14 août 2021



BUDDAH RECORDS 1976                            BDS 5653


 Arranged By – Don Hannah (pistes : B5), Joe Guercio (pistes : B5),
Rich Tufo (pistes : A1, B1)
Co-producer – Bubba Knight (pistes : A2 to A5, B2 to B4),
Edward Patten (pistes : A2 to A5, B2 to B4),
Gladys Knight (pistes : A2 to A5, B2 to B4),
William Guest (pistes : A2 to A5, B2 to B4)
Conductor – Gene Keys (pistes : B5)
Engineer – Ed Stasium, Jr.* (pistes : A3, A5, B2),
Roger Anfinsen (pistes : A1, B1),
Warren Dewey (pistes : A2, A4, B3, B4)
Producer – Curtis Mayfield (pistes : A1, B1)
Producer, Arranged By – Kenny Kerner (pistes : A2, A4, B3, B4),
Richie Wise (pistes : A2, A4, B3, B4)
Producer, Arranged By, Conductor – Tony Camillo (pistes : A3, A5, B2)
Producer, Engineer – Ralph Moss (pistes : B5)
Strings, Horns, Arranged By – Larry Wilcox (pistes : A2, A4, B3, B4)

Tracks A1 and B2 were recorded at Curtom Studio, Chicago, Ill.
Track B5 was recorded live at Pine Knob Music Theatre, Detroit, Michigan
by Metro Audio. Mixed at Bell Sound Studios, New York
Rich Tufo, tracks A1 and B1, is credited as Richard Tufo on both cover and labels.

A1        Make Yours A Happy Home 4:35
A2        Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 3:45
A3        I Feel A Song (In My Heart) 2:48
A4        The Going Ups And The Coming Downs 3:35
A5        Midnight Train To Georgia 4:38
B1        On And On 4:17
B2        Where Peaceful Waters Flow 4:24
B3        I've Got To Use My Imagination 3:45
B4        I Can See Clearly Now 4:28
B5        Try To Remember / The Way We Were 4:30






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