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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

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Par Lo records 1967                                                       n°1


 Arranged By, Conductor – George Davis
Produced For – Par-Lo Enterprises, Incorporated  
 Recorded At – Cosimo Recording Studio


A1 Tell It Like It Is 2:41
Written-By – George Davis , Lee Diamond
A2 Why Worry 2:34
Written-By – George Davis, Lee Diamond
A3 She Took You For A Ride 3:18
Written-By – George Davis, Lee Diamond
A4 A Hard Nut To Crack 2:30
Written-By – George Davis, Lee Diamond
A5 You Think You're So Smart 2:34
Written-By – George Davis
A6 Jailhouse 3:12
Written-By – Aaron Neville
B1 Bet You're Surprised 2:55
Vocals – George Davis Written-By – Tyler, Davis, Parker
B2 Love, Love, Love 3:21
Written-By – George Davis
B3 Since You're Gone 2:24
Written-By – George Davis
B4 Space Man 2:40
Written-By – Fred Caliste
B5 Hold On, Help Is On The Way 2:23
Vocals – "Red" Tyler*, George Davis
Written-By – Tyler, Davis, Parker


BASIN STREET RECORDS 2002                  BSR 0901-2   


  Bass, Vocals – Cornell C. Williams
    Drums, Vocals – Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander
    Featuring, Percussion – Lenny Castro
    Guitar, Vocals – Derwin Perkins (tracks: Derwin 'Big D' Perkins)
    Piano, Lead Vocals – Jon Cleary

Producer, Engineer – John Porter
Recorded At – Sir Ronald Puddings Emporium Of Groove
Recorded At – Lucy Lou's Palace Of Fonk


 1 Sometimes I Wonder 4:08
2 Cheating On You 3:08
3 More Hipper 5:27
4 Just Kissed My Baby 8:04
Featuring, Slide Guitar, Vocals – Bonnie Raitt
5 When You Get Back 4:14
6 Take My Love     4:11
7 A Little Satisfaction 2:53
8 Been And Gone 2:41
Featuring, Backing Vocals – Bonnie Raitt
Featuring, Trombone, Tuba – Craig Klein
9 So Damn Good 3:19
10 Fanning The Flames 5:18
Featuring, Trombone – Robert Harrison
Featuring, Trumpet – Duke Heitger
Featuring, Tuba – Tuba Fats
11 Too Damn Hot 5:11


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FURY RECORDS 1961                                  FULP 1002


 Producer – Bobby Robinson


 A1 Ya Ya 2:26
Written-By – B. Robinson*, C. Lewis*, L. Dorsey*
A2 Give Me You 2:20
Written-By – Naomi Neville
A3 Do-Re-Mi 1:58
Written-By – Earl King
A4 People Gonna Talk 2:25
Written-By – Dorsey*, Wheeler*
A5 Chin Chin 2:04
Written-By – Bobby Robinson
A6 Mess Around 2:28
Written-By – Naomi Neville
B1 Eenie Meenie Mini Mo 2:00
Written-By – Bobby Robinson
B2 One And One 1:59
Written-By – Earl King
B3 Yum Yum 2:27
Written-By – Bobby Robinson
B4 Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie 1:58
Written-By – Earl King
B5 Behind The Eight-Ball 2:10
Written-By – Robinson*, Lewis*


AMY RECORDS 1966                              AMY 8010-S  


 Arranged By – Allen Toussaint
    Liner Notes – Burke Johnson
    Photography, Artwork By – Steven Craig Productions, Inc.
    Written-By – Toussaint* (tracks: A4, A5, B1 to B6), 
Neville* (tracks: A1, A6)

tracks list:

A1 Working In The Coal Mine 2:47
A2 Can You Hear Me 2:12
A3 The Greatest Love 2:16
A4 A Mellow Good Time 2:15
A5 Mexico 2:07
A6 Get Out My Life, Woman 2:26
B1 Ride Your Pony 2:51
B2 Confusion 2:30
B3 Holy Cow 2:35
B4 Don't You Ever (Leave Me) 2:07
B5 Neighbor's Daughter 2:38
B6 A Little Dab A Do Ya 2:39

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ATLANTIC RECORDS 1965                                SD 8114


 unknown (clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano)
Robert Ward (guitar)
unknown (electric bass, drums)
Wilson Pickett (lead vocals)
Eddie Floyd, Ben Night, Mack Rice, Joe Stubbs (vocals)
Detroit, MI, 1961

A5    I Found A Love

Ralph "Pee Wee" Middlebrooks (trumpet)
Clarence "Satch" Satchell (flute)
Ivory Joe Hunter (piano, director)
Lance Finnie, Robert Ward (guitar)
Cornelius Johnson, Marshall "Rock" Jones (unknown instruments)
Wilson Pickett (vocals) and others

Cincinnati, OH, October 19, 1962

B6    Let's Kiss And Make Up
B3    Take This Love I've Got

unknown (trumpet, saxophones,
piano, organ, electric bass, drums, female chorus)
Wilson Pickett (vocals)

NYC, May 12, 1964

B1    I'm Gonna Cry
A4    For Better Or Worse

Jack Cortner, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry (trumpet)
Tony Studd (bass trombone)
Joe Grimaldi (tenor saxophone)
Haywood Henry (baritone saxophone)
Paul Griffin (piano)
Cornell Dupree, Wally Richardson (guitar)
Jimmy Lewis (electric bass)
Panama Francis, Ted Sommer (drums)
Joe Mitchell (unknown instruments)
Cissy Houston, Wilson Pickett (vocals)
Teacho Wiltshire (arranger, director)

NYC, November 13, 1964

A2    Teardrops Will Fall
B4    Come Home Baby
A3    Take A Little Love

Wayne Jackson (trumpet)
harles "Packy" Axton, Andrew Love (tenor saxophone)
Floyd Newman (baritone saxophone)
Joe Hall (piano)
Steve Cropper (guitar)
Donald "Duck" Dunn (electric bass)
Al Jackson (drums)
Wilson Pickett (vocals)

Memphis, TN, May 12, 1965

B2    Don't Fight It
A6    That's A Man's Way
A1    In The Midnight Hour
B5    I'm Not Tired 

 tracks list:

A1     In The Midnight Hour
 Written-By – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
A2     Teardrops Will Fall
Written-By – Dickey Doo*, Marion Smith
A3     Take A Little Love
Written-By – Wilson Pickett
A4     For Better Or Worse
Written-By – Don Juan Mancha, Wilson Pickett
A5     I Found A Love
Written-By – Robert West (2), Willie Schofield, Wilson Pickett
A6     That's A Man's Way
Written-By – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
B1     I'm Gonna Cry
Written-By – Don Covay, Wilson Pickett
B2     Don't Fight It
 Written-By – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
B3     Take This Love I've Got
Written-By – Bonnie Rice*, Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett
B4     Come Home Baby
Written-By – Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
B5     I'm Not Tired
Written-By – Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett
B6     Let's Kiss And Make Up
Written-By – Willie Schofield


ATLANTIC RECORDS 1967                             SD 8175


Gene "Bowlegs" Miller (trumpet)
Charlie Chalmers, King Curtis (tenor saxophone)
Floyd Newman (baritone saxophone)
Bobby Woods (piano)
Bobby Emmons (organ)
Bobby Womack (lead guitar)
Reggie Young (guitar)
Tommy Cogbill (electric bass)
Gene Chrisman (drums)
Wilson Pickett (vocals)

recorded in
Memphis, TN, July 1 & 3, 1967
 Engineer [Recording] – Tom Dowd
Producer – Tom Dowd, Tommy Cogbill 

tracks list:

A1     Jealous Love
Written-By – Bobby Womack, King Curtis
A2     Stagger Lee
Written-By – Harold Logan, Lloyd Price
A3     That Kind Of Love
Written-By – Don Covay
A4     I'm In Love
Written-By – Bobby Womack
A5     Hello Sunshine
Written-By – Curtis*, Miller*
B1     Don't Cry No More
B2     We've Got To Have Love
Written-By – Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett
B3     Bring It On Home To Me
Written-By – Sam Cooke
B4     She's Looking Good
Written-By – Roger Collins*
B5     I've Come A Long Way
Written-By – Bobby Womack


DOUBLE L RECORDS 1963                            SDL-8300

First Solo AlBum of Wilson Pickett
In 1962, Wilson Pickett experienced its first success in the Falcons 
I Found a Love with but little after posting I Found a Love, 
he decided to embark on a solo career, and in 1963 he joined 
he label of Lloyd Price, Double The Records. Pickett then 
experienced his first success as a solo artist with It's too late - 
(not to be confused with the title of Chuck Willis= - 
who enter the charts July 27, 1963.

Arranged By, Conductor – Sonny Sanders, Teacho Wiltshire
   Engineer – Phil Macy, Robert Bateman
    Producer – Robert Bateman 

tracks list:

A1 If You Need Me 2:35
A2 I'm Gonna Love You 2:10
A3 Baby Don't You Weep 2:09
A4 Peacebreaker 2:37
A5 I'm Down To My Last Heartbreak 2:49
A6 R.B. Special 2:26
B1 I Can't Stop 2:32
B2 It'll Never Be The Same 2:35
B3 Baby Call On Me 2:25
B4 Give Your Lovin' Right Now 2:25
B5 It's Too Late 3:03

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 EMI COLUMBIA (uk) 1967                             SCX 6192 


Blue Rivers (vocals), Winston Joseph (guitar), 
Sleepy Jack Joseph (bass), Steve John (drums), 
Ray Rhoden (keyboards), Ayinde Folarin (percussion), 
Paddy Corea (flute, saxophone), 
Clarence Brooms Crosdale (trombone)

tracks list:

A1 Seven Steps To Power
A2 Witchcraft Man
A3 I've Been Pushed Around
A4 I Need Somebody
A5 Sabu
A6 Phoenix City
B1 Guns Of Navarone
B2 That's Enough
B3 Home In Your Heart
B4 Turn Me And Twist Me
B5 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
B6 Searching For You Baby



BELL RECORDS1968                                     Bell 6014  

  Original O'Jays members Eddie Levert, William Powell, 
Walter Williams and Bobby Massey all contributed to this album,
 and all four were pictured on its cover. 
This is the first O'Jays album not to include the group's fifth 
original member, Bill Isles, who quit the group shortly before
 this album was recorded. Bobby Massey would also later leave the group, 
just before their breakthrough 
success with Philadelphia International Records.


Arranged By, Conductor – Richard Tee
    Engineer [Recording] – Pat Jaques
    Producer – George Kerr
Studio    Broadway Recording Studios, New York City


 A1 I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today) 2:45
A2 I'm So Glad I Found You 2:57
A3 Going Going Gone 2:40
A4 That's Alright 2:28
A5 I Dig Your Act 2:12
A6 Look Over Your Shoulder 2:45
B1 You're Too Sweet 2:58
B2 Just Another Guy 2:40
B3 Four For The Price Of One 3:49
B4 Love Is Everywhere 2:42


IMPERIAL RECORDS 1965                            LP-12290


 Arranged By – Harold Battiste (tracks: A3)
    Arranged By – Nick DeCaro
    Conductor – Nick De Caro
Producer – Nick De Caro* (tracks: B1 to B6),
Tommy LiPuma (tracks: A1 to A6)
Engineer – "Lanky" Linstrot

tracks list:

A1     Whip It On Me Baby    
A2     Think It Over Baby    
A3     Lipstick Traces    
A4     Let It All Out    
A5     I Cried My Last Tear    
A6     I'm Gonna Make It    
B1     Lonely Drifter    
B2     Stand Tall    
B3     Oh How You Hurt Me    
B4     The Storm Is Over    
B5     Girl Machine    
B6     Time Is On My Side


MINIT RECORDS 1967                                    LP-24008


A1 Working On Your Case 2:40
Written-By – B. Massey*, L. Hancock*
A2 Hold On 2:43
Written By – W. JohnsonWritten-By – B. Massey*
Written-By [Uncredited] – Walter Williams
A3 Lonely Drifter 2:36
Written-By – E. Levert*, W. Williams*
A4 No Time For You 2:43
Written-By – M. Lance*
A5 A Blowing Wind 2:10
Written-By – Isles*, Massey*, Levert*
A6 It Won't Hurt 2:05
Written-By – L. Burton*, P. Sawyer*
B1 Stand In For Love 2:55
Written-By – E. Levert*
B2 How Does It Feel 2:50
Written-By – Isles*, Massey*, Levert*, Williams*, Powell*
B3 Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) 2:43
Written-By – N. Neville*
B4 I'll Never Forget You 2:11
Written-By – J. Ashford*, M. Terry*
B5 Oh. How You Hurt Me 2:15
Written-By – E. Levert*, F. Little, Jr.*   
B6 Crack Up Laughing 2:28
Written-By – B. Massey*


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STAX RECORDS 1968                                               S 724 


Booker T Jones – organ, bass, guitar, clavichord, keyboards
    Steve Cropper – guitar
    Al Jackson, Jr. – drums
    Donald "Duck" Dunn – bass

Memphis, TN, November 24, 1967
196713520    The Beat Goes On

Booker T Jones – organ, bass, guitar, clavichord, keyboards
    Steve Cropper – guitar
    Al Jackson, Jr. – drums
    Donald "Duck" Dunn – bass

Memphis, TN, February 2, 1968

track list:

A1 I Can Dig It 2:44    
A2 Expressway (To Your Heart)  3:00    
A3 Doin' Our Thing 3:55    
A4 You Don't Love Me 2:52    
A5 Never My Love 2:45    
A6 The Exodus Song 2:35    
B1 The Beat Goes On 2:32    
B2 Ode To Billie Joe 3:56    
B3 Blue On Green 2:29    
B4 You Keep Me Hanging On 4:47    
B5 Let's Go Get Stoned  2:51


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STAX RECORDS 1967                                 STAX 717

credits and session recording:

Steve Cropper - guitar
Booker T. Jones - organ, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards
Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
Al Jackson, Jr. - drum

   February 9, 1967
April 26, 1967

Tracks List

A1 Hip Hug-Her
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
A2 Soul Sanction
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
A3 Get Ready
Written-By – William Robinson
A4 More
Written-By – M. Ciorciolini*, Nino Oliviero,
Norman Newell, Riz Ortolani
A5 Double Or Nothing
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
A6 Carnaby St.
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
B1 Slim Jenkins' Place
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
B2 Pigmy
Written-By – Billy Larkin, Henry Swarn*,
Mel Brown
B3 Groovin'
Written-By – Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere
B4 Booker's Notion
Written-By – Al Jackson*, Booker T. Jones,
Donald Dunn*, Steve Cropper
B5 Sunny
Written-By – Bobby Hebb

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Infinity Entertainment Group  RECORDS 

Release Date     Nov 04, 2003

Harman performed as a blues harmonica player and singer in Chicago,
 New York, and elsewhere before he moved to Southern California 
in the 1970s.[2] There, his Icehouse Blues Band played alongside 
Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Muddy Waters, Albert King,
 B.B. King, T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulsom, Eddie "Cleanhead" 
Vinson, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and Albert Collins.[3] In 1977
 he formed the James Harman Band. Over the years their line-up 
has included Phil Alvin and Bill Bateman, who left in 1978 to form
 The Blasters; Gene Taylor, who departed in 1981, also to join 
the Blasters before moving on to The Fabulous Thunderbirds; and Kid Ramos.
 Alumni also included the late Hollywood Fats who, after leaving
his own band in 1980, played alongside Harman for five years.

 Acoustic Bass – Buddy Clark (tracks: 2, 9, 11, 12)
Drums – "Big Al" West* (tracks: 2, 3, 9, 11, 12),
Paul V. Fasulo* (tracks: 4), Stephen T. Hodges* (tracks: 1, 5, 6, 7),
Steve Mugalian (tracks: 8, 10)
Electric Bass – Joseph Leaon* (tracks: 5, 7, 10)
Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass – "Brother Miles" Reed* (tracks: 1, 4, 6)
Guitar – "Steady Rollin" Bob Margolin* (tracks: 8), Elmo "Buddy" Reed* (tracks: 7, 10), Dave Gonzalez (tracks: 5), Enrico Crivellaro (2) (tracks: 4), Michael "Junior" Watson* (tracks: 11), David "Kid" Ramos* (tracks: 1, 6), Kirk "Eli" Fletcher* (tracks: 2, 9, 11 ), Nathan James (2) (tracks: 12)
Guitar, Acoustic Bass – Jeff " Big Dad" Turmes* (tracks: 3)
Guitar, Slide Guitar – Robert Charles Eason* (tracks: 5, 7, 8, 10)
Percussion – James Michael Tempo (tracks: 1, 2, 5, 7)
Piano – Carl Sonny Leyland (tracks: 2, 9), Gene Taylor (2) (tracks: 12), Steve F'dor (tracks: 10), Thomas A. Mahon* (tracks: 1, 4, 6)
    Vocals, Harmonica, Producer – James Harman

Engineer, Producer – Jerry Hall 
Mastered By – Lou Hemsey
Recorded At – Peace In The Valley Recording
Mixed At – Peace In The Valley Recording

tracks list:

1    Double Hogback Growler           
2    Lowdown Grown-up Jive           
3    Skeet-a-little Taste           
4    Piecework Politicians           
5    Alibi, Reason Why (Sounds Just Like a Lie to Me)           
6    Miss Bessie Mae Blues           
7    My Secret Escapade           
8    Bad-Luck Life           
9    Love Stuff           
10    Time Will Tell           
11    It's Yo' World (I'm Just Livin' in It Now)           
12    Lonesome Moon Trance

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STAX RECORDS 1965                                    S-711 

also issued on Atlantic SD 7711.

credits and session recording:

Booker T. Jones (organ, electric piano) 
Steve Cropper (guitar) 
Donald "Duck" Dunn (elec-bass)
Al Jackson (drums)

Memphis, TN, circa July 9, 1965
9110    Summertime
9112    One Mint Julep

same personnel

Memphis, TN, September 19, 1966
10801    Jericho
10802    No Matter What Shape
10803    In The Midnight Hour
10804    Working In The Coal Mine
10805    Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
10806    Think
10807    Taboo
10808    Soul Jam
10809    Sentimental Journey
Booker T. Jones (p) Steve Cropper (g, el-b)
Donald "Duck" Dunn (el-b, claves) 
Al Jackson (d)

Memphis, TN, 1966

10509    My Sweet Potato

track list:

A1        My Sweet Potato    2:40   
A2        Jericho    2:30   
A3        No Matter What Shape    2:50   
A4        One Mint Julep    2:45   
A5        In The Midnight Hour    2:50   
A6        Summertime    4:35   
B1        Working In The Coal Mine    2:40   
B2        Don't Mess Up A Good Thing    2:20   
B3        Think    2:53   
B4        Taboo    4:20   
B5        Soul Jam    3:00   
B6        Sentimental Journey    3:10



MOTOWN RECORDS 1965                            MS 634 

Four Tops' Second Album (also known as Second Album)
 is a 1965 R&B studio album by vocal quartet the Four Tops.
Released     November 13, 1965


    Levi Stubbs – lead vocals
    Abdul Fakir – vocals
    Renaldo Benson – vocals
    Lawrence Payton – keyboard, vocals
    The Andantes – background vocals
    Instrumentation by the Funk Brothers

Recorded    Hitsville U.S.A. (Studio A)

tracks list:

A1   I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
A2   Love Feels Like Fire
A3   Is There Anything That I Can Do
A4   Something About You
A5   It's The Same Old Song
A6   Helpless
B1   Just As Long As You Need Me
B2   Darling, I Hum Our Song
B3   I Like Everything About You
B4   Since You've Been Gone
B5   Stay In My Lonely Arms
B6   I'm Grateful

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MOTOWN RECORDS 1966                                   MS 647 

On Top is the third studio album recorded by the Four Tops, 
issued by Motown Records in July 1966.


             Renaldo Benson – vocals
    Abdul Fakir – vocals
    Lawrence Payton – keyboards, vocals
    Levi Stubbs – vocals

Producer – Holland & Dozier (tracks: A1, A2, A4 to B6)

tracks list:

A1 I Got A Feeling
    Songwriter – Holland-Dozier-Holland    
A2 Brenda
    Songwriter – Edward Holland, Jr.    
A3 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
    Producer – Ivy Jo Hunter Written-By – Ivy Jo Hunter, Stevie Wonder        
A4 Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)
    Songwriter – Holland-Dozier-Holland        
A5 Until You Love Someone
    Songwriter – Brian Holland        
A6 There's No Love Left
    Songwriter – Holland-Dozier-Holland, James Dean         
B1 Matchmaker
    written-By – Jerry Bock, Sheldon M. Harnuck*        
B2 Michelle
    Written-By – Lennon-McCartney        
B3 In The Still Of The Night
    Written-By – Cole Porter        
B4 Bluesette
    Written-By – Norman Gimbel, Jean Thielemans*        
B5 Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars
    Written-By – Antonio Jobim*, Gene Lees        
B6 Then
    Written-By – Robert Rogers, William Robinson*, Warren Moore


ARHOOLIE RECORDS 1966                                   F 1032


Bass – Luther Johnson
    Drums – Francis Clay, Willie Mae Thornton (tracks: A5)
    Guitar – Muddy Waters, Samuel Lawhorn
    Harmonica – James Cotton
    Piano – Otis Spann
    Vocals – Willie Mae Thornton

Producer – Chris Strachwitz
recorded at:
Coast Recorders San Francisco CA


A1 I'm Feeling Alright
Written-By – Thornton*   
A2 Sometimes I Have A Heartache
Written-By – Thornton*   
A3 Black Rat - (Take 4)
Written-By – Thornton*, Lawlers*   
A4 Life Goes On
Written-By – Morris*, Williams*   
A5 Everything Gonna Be Alright
Written-By – Thornton*
B1 Big Mama's Bumble Bee Blues
Written-By – Thornton*, Lawlers*   
B2 Gimme A Penny - (Take 6)
Written-By – J. Moore*, T. Rhone*   
B3 Looking The World Over
Written-By – E. Lawlers*   
B4 I Feel The Way I Feel
Written-By – Thornton*
B5 Guide Me Home
Written-By – Thornton*