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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

dimanche 26 février 2023


MONEY RECORDS 1964                                 LP 1102

 Don Julian  was an American rhythm and blues,funk
and soul singer, guitarist and songwriter. Most
famous for his work as an R&B singer in the 1950's
and 1960's, he's also known for composing the soundtrack
and songs to the (so-called) blacksploitation film, Savage!
Born Donald R. Julian in Houston, Texas, United States,
in his teens he moved to Los Angeles, California, where
he began performing with local bands.He performed both
solo and with backing bands. His most famous backing group
was "The Meadowlarks" (later named The Larks (Los Angeles Band)),
although most of his film music was performed with instrumental
funk bands.The Meadowlarks is considered the first integrated
doo-wop group.In 1954, Don Julian and the Meadowlarks' debut
single "Heaven and Paradise", became popular with R&B fans.
In 1964, the single, "The Jerk" was released under the band
name, The Larks. 
 Don Julian :Vocal
Charles Morrison: Vocal
Ted Walters :Vocal

A.C. Scott :Producer
Engineer – Doc Siegel

tracks list:

A1 The Jerk    
A2 Keep On Jerkin'    
A3 Mickey's East Coast Jerk    
4 Do The Jerk    
A5 Jerkin' U.S.A.    
B1 Soul Jerk    
B2 You Must Believe Me    
B3 Jerk Once More    
B4 Slauson Shuffle #1 (Inst)    
B5 Slauson Shuffle #2



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