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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

dimanche 23 mars 2014


KING RECORDS 1956                                                395-531

Originally issued in monaural only.
Stereo issue as King 531 released in 1958

In 1951, Doggett organized his own trio and began recording
for King Records. His best known recording is "Honky Tonk",
a rhythm and blues hit of 1956
As a jazz player Doggett started in swing music and later played
soul jazz. His bands included saxophonists Red Holloway,
Clifford Scott, Percy France, David "Bubba" Brooks, Clifford Davis,
and Floyd "Candy" Johnson; guitarists Floyd Smith, Billy Butler,
Sam Lackey and Pete Mayes; and singers Edwin Starr, Toni Williams
and Betty Saint-Clair. His biggest hits, "Honky Tonk"
(the Part 2 side of the record) and "Slow Walk" featured saxophonist Clifford Scott.

tracks list:

A1 Honky Tonk (Part 1)    
A2 Honky Tonk (Part 2)    
A3 On The Sunny Side Of The Street    
A4 Afternoon Jump    
A5 Peacock Alley    
A6 Big Boy    
B1 Slow Walk    
B2 Nothin' Yet    
B3 When Your Lover Has Gone    
B4 Honky Tonk Number Three    
B5 Leaps And Bounds


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  1. Hello,
    I've got more honky tonks that i've ever expected!
    The link to '67 lp honky tonk organ is missleading.

  2. Thanks for this Michel. I've got lots of Bill Doggett, but for some incomprehensible reason, not Honky Tonk - can you believe it!!?