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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

samedi 4 avril 2020




Huey Lewis and the News recorded Soulsville at Ardent Studios
in Memphis, Tennessee, in early 2010.One of the original
Stax co-engineers, Jim Gaines, who also engineered the 
band's best-selling albums, Sports and Fore!, produced 
the album with the band.


Huey Lewis – vocals and harmonica
Johnny Colla – guitar, tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals
Bill Gibson – drums, percussion, vocals
Sean Hopper – keyboards, vocals
John Pierce – bass
Bill Hinds – guitar on all songs except "Don't Fight It" 
and "Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You"
Stef Burns – guitar on "Don't Fight It", "Don't Let the 
Green Grass Fool You", "I Want To (Do Everything for You)",
 and "Respect Yourself"
Marvin McFadden – trumpet
Rob Sudduth – tenor saxophone
Johnnie Bamont – baritone saxophone
[edit]Additional musicians and vocalists
Dorothy Morrison – vocal duet on "Respect Yourself"
Rick Steff – piano on "Don't Fight It", "Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You"
John Gove – trombone on "Respect Yourself" and "Got to Get You Off My Mind"
Bertram Brown, Jackie Johnson, and Reba Russell – backing vocals on 
"Don't Fight It", "Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You", 
"Got to Get You Off My Mind", "Little Sally Walker", and "Never Like This Before"
Larry Batiste, Niko Ellison, and Cleytoven Richardson – backing vocals
 on "Never Found a Girl", "Just the One (I've Been Looking For)",
 "Cry to Me", and "I Want To (Do Everything for You)"
Daunielle "Pie" Hill, Jackie Johnson, and Reba Russell -
 backing vocals on "Free" and "Respect Yourself"
Bryan Dyer – backing vocals on "Cry to Me", "I Want To (Do Everything for You)"
Ashling Cole – backing vocals on "Soulsville"

tracks list:

A1 Don't Fight It 2:57
A2 Got To Get You Off My Mind 2:50
A3 Free 3:53
A4 Respect Yourself
Vocals [Duet] – Dorothy Morrison 3:41
A5 Cry To Me 2:59
A6 Just One More Day 3:25
A7 Never Found A Girl 2:53
B1 Soulsville 3:37
B2 Little Sally Walker 2:11
B3 I Want To (Do Everything For You) 3:13
B4 Just The One (I've Been Looking For) 2:55
B5 Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You 2:51
B6 Never Like This Before 2:57
B7 Grab This Thing 3:14

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