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"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, lovers of blues and soul music
and tourists, it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

vendredi 4 septembre 2015


BLUE NOTE RECORDS 1963                    BLP 4128

also issued on Blue Note BST 84128

credits and session recording
Freddie Roach (org) Kenny Burrell (g) Clarence Johnston (d)

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, January 21, 1963

tk.1    Blues In The Front Room
tk.8    I Know
tk.11    Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby
tk.21    Party Time
tk.23    Baby Don't You Cry

Conrad Lester (ts) Freddie Roach (org) Eddie Wright (g) Clarence Johnston (d)

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, March 11, 1963

tk.7    Googa Mooga
tk.10    Two Different Worlds
tk.17    Mo' Greens Please
tk.27    Nada Bossa
tk.30    Unchained Melody

tracks listing:

 A1 Googa Mooga        
A2 Baby Don't You Cry        
A3 Party Time        
A4 Nada Bossa        
A5 Mo' Greens Please        
B1 Blues In The Front Room        
B2 I Know        
B3 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby        
B4 Unchained Melody        
B5 Two Different Worlds

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  1. Very nice, thanks Mr Soul. 'I know'and 'Googa mooga' were my intro to Freddie on a 45, way back in the day.
    Did you know that 'Googa mooga' wasn't written by Roach but by Lou Bennett who recorded it on a Dawn 45 in 1957?