read an article on a post Bob Stanley on Guardian

"In the summer, the scene would move en masse to Ostend, Belgium's equivalent to Blackpool. DJ Freddy Cousaert played at the Groove, a late night downstairs bar frequented by US marines, tourists and prostitutes – it was Cousaert who later looked after Marvin Gaye during his 80s sejourn in Ostend. The music he played at the Groove included ska, Latin jazz and even Broadway songs such as Stranger in Paradise, or Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees...."

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RCA VICTOR RECORDS 1965                                      LPM-3314


Bass – George Duvivier (tracks: A1, A3, A6, B1)
Drums – Jimmy Hopps (tracks: A2, A4, A5, B2 to B6),
Osie Johnson (tracks: A1, A3, A6, B1)
Guitar – Dicky Thompson (tracks: A1 to B6),
Mundell Lowe (tracks: A1, A3, A6, B1)
Organ – Wild Bill Davis (tracks: A1 to B6)
Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Bob Brown (tracks: A2, A4, A5, B2 to B6),
Jerome Richardson (tracks: A1, A3, A6, B1),
Seldon Powell (tracks: A1, A3, A6, B1)

Recorded in:
 RCA Victor's Studio B, New York City.
1965, Radio Corporation of America.
Producer – Joe René
Recorder – Ray Hall

tracks list:

A1 C Jam Blues 2:33
A2 C.C. Rider 3:42
A3 Hit The Road Jack 2:27
A4 Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Teas Me) 4:30
A5 I Can't Stop Loving You 2:46
A6 Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today) 2:29
B1 Well, Git It 2:44
B2 Azure-te` (Paris Blues) 3:33
B3 Free, Frantic And Funky 3:44
B4 Don't Cry Baby 2:07
B5 Make Love To Me 3:51


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COLUMBIA RECORDS 1965                           CS 9098


Leader And Bongo Drums (Mongo Santamaria),
  Trumpet (Marty Sheller),
  Flute And Tenor Sax (Hubert Laws), 
Alto And Baritone Sax And Flute (Bobby Capers),
  Timbales And Drums (Carmello Garcia), 
Piano (Rodger Grant),  Bass (Victor Venagas)

tracks listing:

A1        El Pussy Cat    2:45   
A2        Afro Lypso    5:32   
A3        Ah Ha    2:41   
A4        Together    4:31   
A5        Ritmo Negro    5:55   
B1        La Gitana    6:45   
B2        Cuidano    3:53   
B3        Sarai    3:30   
B4        Hammer Head    3:17   
B5        Black-Eyed Peas    3:12    

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CLOCK RECORDS 1961                                             MG 60647-C

The Happy Organ
The song originally featured lyrics and was intended
to be sung accompanied by a piano and an organ.
Cortez recorded a vocal for it but was unhappy with
the result. He spotted an organ (a Hammond B3) in the
studio and decided to play the song's melody on it.
He also brought in legendary studio drummer,
Gary Hammond, to provide percussion. The guitar solo
is by session musician Wild Jimmy Spruill. Hearing an
organ on a rock or R&B song at the time was unusual,
but Cortez helped popularize its use outside of the jazz field.

tracks list:

A1 The Happy Organ 2:02
A2 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 2:26
A3 Mardi Gras 2:28
A4 Deep In The Heart Of Texas 2:20
A5 Catnip 2:28
A6 Red Sails In The Sunset 3:20
B1 Tootsie 2:18
B2 Piano Shuffle 2:02
B3 Hurricane 2:22
B4 The Boogie Organ 2:03
B5 The Whistling Organ 2:01
B6 Summertime 2:56


ARGO/CADET 1965                                                        LP 762


George Patterson Jr - Alto & Soprano Sax
Cleo Griffin Jr. - Trumpet
Charles Kinnard Jr. - Tenor Sax
Tom Washington Jr. - Piano
Arlington Davis Jr. - Drums
John Whitfield Jr. - Bass

"The Mack Voices" on A1, A3, B1, B3
James L Mack - Bass
Joseph Brewer - Tenor
Charles Van Tasell - Baritone
Anne Reisig - Soprano
Nancy Hawk - Alto

Recorded - September 1965, Ter Mar Recording Studios, Chicago
Album Production & Supervision - Esmond Edwards
Engineer - Ron Malo

tracks list:

A1 The Knack    
A2 Cyclops    
A3 Our Mambo    
A4 But When It's Dark    
A5 J.I's Ala Freedom    
B1 Grits And Pigfoots    
B2 Sadder Days    
B3 Time Is Of The Essence    
B4 Reap-Ba-Sac 

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MOTOWN RECORDS                                                MS 652 

Released     January 1969
Recorded     1965 - 1968

Irresistible was the only solo album for Tammi Terrell, 
which was released in January 1969 by Motown Records. Due to
complications with a malignant brain tumor in 1968
 which caused her death in March 1970, Terrell did not record a
subsequent solo album; this album compiles solo recordings
 Terrell made for Motown between 1965 and 1968

 Liner Notes – Ed Ochs
   Producer     Johnny Bristol
Harvey Fuqua
Smokey Robinson
James Dean
William Weatherspoon

    Lead (and additional background) vocals by Tammi Terrell
    Background vocals by The Andantes and The Spinners
    Instrumentation by The Funk Brothers

tracks list:

 A1 I Can't Believe You Love Me
    Written-By – J. Bristol, H. Fuqua* 2:32    
A2 That's What Boys Are Made For
    Written-By – G. Gordy*, H. Fuqua* 2:58    
A3 Come On And See Me
    Written-By – J. Bristol, H. Fuqua* 2:20    
A4 What A Good Man He Is
    Written-By – A. Cleveland*, Wm. Robinson* 2:59    
A5 Tears At The End Of A Love Affair
    Written-By – H. Fuqua, J. Bristol*, S. Moy* 2:57    
A6 This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*, Moy* 2:28    
B1 He's The One I Love
    Written-By – William Robinson* 2:35    
B2 Can't Stop Now (Love Is Calling)
    Written-By – J. Dean, Wm. Weatherspoon*, S. McMullen* 2:40    
B3 Just Too Much To Hope For
    Written By – J. Bristol, W. Jackson, C. Wilson, 
H. Fuqua Written-By – C. Wilson*, J. Bristol, H. Fuqua*,W.Jackson*2:54
B4 Hold Me Oh My Darling
    Written-By – Harvey Fuqua 2:58    
B5 I Can't Go On Without You
    Written-By – H. Fuqua, J. Bristol*, S. Moy* 2:3

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MOTOWN RECORDS 1967                                         MS 639

The Spinners are an American soul music vocal group,
active for over 50 years, and with a long run of classic hits
especially during the 1970s. The group, originating from Detroit,
still tours regularly as of 2014 although Henry Fambrough is
the only original member.

The Original Spinners (released in the UK as The Detroit Spinners)
is the 1967 debut album by The Spinners for Motown Records.


Bobby Smith: lead and background vocals
    Henry Fambrough: lead ("Tomorrow May Never Come") and background vocals
    Billy Henderson: background vocals
    Pervis Jackson: background vocals
    Edgar "Chico" Edwards: lead ("Tomorrow May Never Come") and background vocals
    (all tracks except "That's What Girls Are Made For")
    George Dixon: background vocals ("That's What Girls Are Made For" only)
    The Andantes (Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow, and Louvain Demps):
    background vocals (some tracks)
    Harvey Fuqua: producer, album producer
    Ivy Jo Hunter, William "Mickey" Stevenson: producer, album producer
    Berry Gordy, Jr.: producer
    Smokey Robinson: producer
    The Funk Brothers: instrumentation

Recorded: Spring 1961 - Summer 1967

tracks list:

A1 That's What Girls Are Made For 2:57
A2 I'll Always Love You 2:43
A3 Truly Yours     2:58
A4 For All We Know 2:53
A5 It Hurts To Be In Love 2:22
A6 Tomorrow May Never Come 2:27
B1 Sweet Thing     2:40
B2 I Cross My Heart 2:57
B3 Where Is That Girl 2:59
B4 Like A Good Man Should 2:15
B5 How Can I 2:38
B6 I Just Can't Help But Feel The Pain     2:35


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BLUE NOTE RECORDS 1970                                    BST-84359

Pretty Things is an album by jazz saxophonist Lou Donaldson
recorded for the Blue Note label featuring Donaldson with
Blue Mitchell, Leon Spencer, Ted Dunbar, and Idris Muhammad
and one track with Lonnie Smith and Melvin Sparks replacing
Spencer & Dunbar and Jimmy Lewis added.


Lou Donaldson - varitone alto saxophone, vocals
Blue Mitchell - trumpet
Lonnie Smith (track 1), Leon Spencer (tracks 2-6) - organ
Melvin Sparks (track 1), Ted Dunbar (tracks 2-6) - guitar
Jimmy Lewis - electric bass (track 1)
Idris Muhammad - drums

Producer – Francis Wolff
Recorded By – Rudy Van Gelder
at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
on January 9, 1970 (track 1) and June 12, 1970 (tracks 2-6).

tracks list:

A1 Tennessee Waltz 6:30
A2 Curtis' Song 5:45
A3 Sassie Lassie 6:25
B1 Just For A Thrill 5:20
B2 Pot Belly 8:05
B3 Love 5:57


COLUMBIA RECORDS 1963                                             CS 8825


Arranged By, Conductor – Floyd Morris
Producer – Mike Berniker
Recorded At: Columbia Recording Studios, Chicago

tracks list:

A1 Sing Hallelujah
Written-By – M. Settle*
A2 One Foot In The Gutter
Written-By – C. Terry*, O. Brown Jr.*
A3 So Help Me (A Little 3/4 For God And Co.)
Written-By – L. McCann*, O. Brown Jr.*
A4 Man, Ernest Boy
Written-By – O. Brown Jr.*
A5 The Tree And Me
Written-By – O. Brown Jr.*
A6 Jeannine
Written-By – D. Pearson*, O. Brown Jr.*
B1 The Snake
Written-By – O. Brown Jr.*
B2 A Young Girl
Written-By – C. Aznavour*, O. Brown Jr.*
B3 All Blues
Written-By – M. Davis*, O. Brown Jr.*
B4 If I Only Had
Written-By – C. Aznavour*, O. Brown Jr.*
B5 Tall Like Pine
Written-By – O. Brown Jr.*


WARNER BROS RECORDS 1964                                   WS 1524


Formed in 1962 by Michael Z. Gordon, the Routers recordings
sometimes used session musicians in addition to the actual
group with the exception of Gordon who also formed another
successful group, The Marketts. Gordon composed another
Award winning composition, "Out Of Limits" with the Marketts.
Gordon played on almost all of The Routers and Marketts sessions.
The original line up of the group was Al Kait-lead guitar;
Lynn Frasier-tenor saxophone; Michael Zane Gordon-rhythm guitar, vocals;
Scott Walker (then recording as Scott Engel)-bass guitar; Randy Viers-drums.

Original line-up

    Al Kait - lead guitar
    Lynn Frasier - tenor saxophone
    Michael Zane Gordon - rhythm guitar, vocals
    Scott Walker - bass guitar
    Randy Viers - drums.

Later line-up

    Michael Zane Gordon - guitar
    Leon Russell - piano
    Hal Blaine - drums

tracks list:

A1 Washington Square    
A2 Wild Weekend    
A3 Wipeout    
A4 Guitar Man    
A5 Sting Ray    
A6 Marie Elena    
B1 Martian Hop    
B2 Telstar    
B3 Watermelon Man    
B4 Hot Pastrami    
B5 Pipeline    
B6 Memphis


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HARMONY RECORDS 1967                                          HS 11237 

track list:
A1         Honky Tonk Part I
    Written-By – B. Butler*, C. Scott*, H. Glover*, S. Shepherd*
A2         Canadian Sunset
    Written-By – E. Heywood*, N. Gimbel*
A3         'Deed I Do
    Written-By – F. Rose*, W. Hirsch*
A4         All Souls Blues        
A5         Buster        
B1         Honky Tonk Part II
    Written-By – B. Butler*, C. Scott*, H. Glover*, S. Shepherd*
B2         Opus D        
B3         St. Louis Blues
    Written-By – W. C. Handy*
B4         Careless Love
    Written By – P.D.
B5         Mommy Part I

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KING RECORDS 1956                                                395-531

Originally issued in monaural only.
Stereo issue as King 531 released in 1958

In 1951, Doggett organized his own trio and began recording
for King Records. His best known recording is "Honky Tonk",
a rhythm and blues hit of 1956
As a jazz player Doggett started in swing music and later played
soul jazz. His bands included saxophonists Red Holloway,
Clifford Scott, Percy France, David "Bubba" Brooks, Clifford Davis,
and Floyd "Candy" Johnson; guitarists Floyd Smith, Billy Butler,
Sam Lackey and Pete Mayes; and singers Edwin Starr, Toni Williams
and Betty Saint-Clair. His biggest hits, "Honky Tonk"
(the Part 2 side of the record) and "Slow Walk" featured saxophonist Clifford Scott.

tracks list:

A1 Honky Tonk (Part 1)    
A2 Honky Tonk (Part 2)    
A3 On The Sunny Side Of The Street    
A4 Afternoon Jump    
A5 Peacock Alley    
A6 Big Boy    
B1 Slow Walk    
B2 Nothin' Yet    
B3 When Your Lover Has Gone    
B4 Honky Tonk Number Three    
B5 Leaps And Bounds


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ROULETTE RECORDS 1966                                       SR-25330


Producer – Henry Glover

tracks list:

A1 Honky Tonk Part II
    Written-By – B. Doggett*, B. Butler*, Scott*, Shepherd*
A2 Booga Man
    Written-By – H. Glover*, M. Levy*
A3 Bueno
    Written-By – B. Doggett*, B. Butler*, Scott*, Shepherd*
A4 Sapphire
    Written-By – B. Doggett*
A5 Hold It
    Written-By – B. Butler*, C. Scott*
B1 Honky Tonk Part I
    Written-By – B. Doggett*, B. Butler*, Scott*, Shepherd*
B2 C'Mon Git It
    Written-By – B. Doggett*, H. Glover*, M. Levy*
B3 Doctor Joy
    Written-By – B. Doggett*
B4 Ko-Ko
    Written-By – B. Doggett*
B5 Mr. Man
    Written-By – B. Doggett*



ABC-Paramount RECORDS 1965  (uk cover)                  ABS 507 


Bill Doggett - organ
Elvin Shepard - alto & tenor saxophones
Andrew Ennis - tenor & baritone saxophones
Billy Butler, Lamar McDaniels - guitar
Al Lucas - bass
Emmett J. Spencer - drums
Charles E. Hatcher - percussion

Recorded at Bell Sound, New York, New York
in October 31 and November 17, 1964.

 track list:

1. Wow
2. Oo Da
3. Ol' Mose Blues
4. Happy Soul Time
5. Kicker
6. Mudcat
7. Ram Bunk Shush
8. Slow Walk
9. Fatso


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DUKE RECORDS 1969                                                DLP 89


Arranged By – Jay Wellington
    Producer – Andre Williams 

tracks list:

A1 Chains Of Love 3:15
A2 Georgia 3:32
A3 Since I Fell For You 2:27
A4 Who Can I Turn To 2:56
A5 Wouldn’t You Rather Have Me     4:20
B1 Rockin’ In The Same Old Boat 3:32
B2 I’m On My Way 3:05
B3 Ask Me ‘Bout Nothing But The Blues 3:40
B4 You Ought To Be Ashamed 2:52
B5 Gotta Get To Know You 2:34


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ROULETTE RECORDS 1971                                            SR-3004


Chorus – Allan Taylor, Marilyn Hirscher
Saxophone [Soprano, Baritone] – Ronnie Cuber
Vocals – Jimmy Norman

Engineer – Fred Weinberg
Engineer Remix – Jay Messina
Coordinator – Miguel Estivill
Producer – Lockie Edwards
Producer, Piano – Eddie Palmieri

tracks list:

A1 Harlem River Drive (Theme Song)
Bass – Victor Venegas Congas – Eladio Perez Drums
Reggie Ferguson Guitar Bob Bianco Organ –
Charlie Palmieri Timbales – Nick Marrero
A2 If (We Had Peace Today)
Bass – Gerald Jemmott Drums – Dean Robert Pratt Guitar –
Cornell Dupree Trombone – Bruce L. Fowler Trumpet – Burt Collins
A3 Idle Hands
Bass – Gerald Jemmott* Congas – Eladio Perez Drums
Bernard Purdy Guitar Cornell Dupree Saxophone [Tenor] 
Dick Meza Timbales – Nick Marrero Trombone – Bruce L. Fowler
B1 Broken Home
Bass – Victor Venegas Congas, Cowbell – Manny Oquendo Drums
Nick Marrero* Guitar – Bob Bianco* Organ – Charlie Palmieri
B2 Seeds Of Life
Bass – Victor Venegas Bass [Fender] – Andy Gonzalez Congas
Eladio Perez Drums – Bernard Purdy* Guitar [Accompanying]
Cornell Dupree Guitar [Lead] – Bob Mann Saxophone [Tenor]
Dick Meza Timbales – Manny Oquendo Trombone – Barry Rogers
Trumpet – Randy Brecker



FANTASY RECORDS 1971                                              F 8406


Bass – Jim McCabe
 Congas – Michael Smithe
 Drums – Dick Berk
 Flute – Robert Ferreira
 Percussion – Coke Escovedo, John Rae, Pete Escovedo
 Piano, Electric Piano – Al Zulaica
 Trombone – Gordon Massick
 Trumpet – Bill Atwood, Bill Powers, John Coppola
 Vibraphone, Organ – Cal Tjader

Producer – Ed Bogas
Engineer – Russ Gary

tracks list:

A1 I Showed Them    
A2 Wear Your Love Like Heaven    
A3 First There Is A Mountain    
A4 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life    
B1 Fresh Air    
B2 You Keep Me Hangin' On    
B3 She's Leaving Home    
B4 Evil Ways    
B5 Mambero 

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MOTOWN RECORDS 1968                                             MS 682

This is the original sound track of the NBC-TV Special,
'TCB' starring Diana Ross and The Supremes with The Temptations
sponsored by Timex, the world's largest manufacturer of watches. 


 Diana Ross & the Supremes:
        Diana Ross
        Mary Wilson
        Cindy Birdsong
    The Temptations:
        Dennis Edwards
        Eddie Kendricks
        Paul Williams
        Melvin Franklin
        Otis Williams

    Art Direction – Ken Kim
    Liner Notes – Berry Gordy
    Photography By – Edward M. Broussard
    Producer – Ed Friendly, George Schlatter

tracks list:

A1 T.C.B.
    Written-By – B. Angelos*, B. Kohan*
A2 Stop! In The Name Of Love
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*
A3 Introduction Of Diana Ross & The Supremes     0:55
A4 You Keep Me Hangin' On
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*
A5 Introduction Of The Temptations: Get Ready
    Written-By – Wm. Robinson*
A6 Introduction Of Diana Ross: The Way You Do The Things You Do
    Written-By – Wm. Robinson
Medley     5:15
A7-1 A Taste Of Honey
    Written-By – B. Scott*, R. Marlow*
A7-2 Eleanor Rigby
    Written-By – J. Lennon, P. McCartney*
A7-3 Do You Know The Way To San Jose
    Written-By – H. David, B. Bacharach*
A7-4 Mrs. Robinson
    Written-By – P. Simon* -
A8 Respect
    Written-By – O. Redding*
A9 Somewhere
    Written-By – L. Bernstein*, S. Sondheim*
B1 Ain't Too Proud To Beg
    Written-By – E. Holland*, N. Whitefield*
B2 Introduction Of The Temptations     0:45
B3 Hello, Young Lovers
    Written-By – R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein, II*
B4 For Once In My Life
    Written-By – O. Murden*, Ron Miller*
B5 (I Know) I'm Losing You
    Written-By – C. Grant*, E. Holland*, N. Whitfield*
Medley     3:00
B6-1 With A Song In My Heart
    Written-By – Rodgers & Hart
B6-2 Without A Song
    Written-By – W. Rose*, E. Eliscu*, V. Youmans*
Medley     2:20
B7-1 Come See About Me
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*
B7-2 My World Is Empty Without You
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*    
B7-3 Baby Love
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*
B8 I Hear A Symphony
    Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland*
B9 The Impossible Dream
    Written-By – S. Darion*, M. Leigh*


 MOTOWN RECORDS 1965                               MT 629 


   Diana Ross: lead vocals, background vocals on "(Ain't That) Good News)"
    Florence Ballard: lead vocal on "(Ain't That Good News)", background vocals
    Mary Wilson: background vocals
    Harvey Fuqua, Hal Davis and Marc Gordon: producers

tracks list:

A1         You Send Me     2:09    
A2         Nothing Can Change This Love     2:26    
A3         Cupid     2:38    
A4         Chain Gang     2:44    
A5         Bring It On Home To Me     2:52    
A6         Only Sixteen     2:20    
B1         Havin A Party     2:34    
B2         Shake     2:30    
B3         Wonderful World     2:45    
B4         A Change Is Gonna Come     2:10    
B5         (Ain't That) Good News     2:31      

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CONTEMPORARY RECORDS 1961                       CR S7601


Helyne Stewart  vocal
Teddy Edwards  tenor sax,
Art Pepper  alto sax,
Jack Sheldon trumpet,
Frank Rosolino  trombone,
Pete Jolly  piano,
Leroy Vinnegar  bass.

Recording Date
August 21, 1961 & August 22, 1961

tracks list:

1 Love Is Here to Stay
George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin
2 I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Ray Noble   
3 My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Cole Porter
4 That Old Feeling
Lew Brown / Sammy Fain
5 his Love of Mine
Henry W. Sanicola, Jr. / Sol Parker / Frank Sinatra
6 The Man I Love
George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin
7 Why Don't You Do Right?
Joe McCoy
8 How Deep Is the Ocean?
Irving Berlin
9 Easy to Love
Cole Porter   
10 Besame Mucho
Sunny Skylar / Consuelo Velázquez   
11 My Silent Love
Edward Heyman / Dana Suesse    
12 This Can't Be Love
Lorenz Hart / Richard Rodgers


PRESTIGE RECORDS 1964                                 PR 7396 


 Willis Jackson - tenor saxophone
    Frank Robinson - trumpet
    Carl Wilson - organ
    Pat Martino - guitar
    Joe Hadrick - drums

recorded in :

Recorded : March 21, 1964
The Allegro, New York City

  track list:

A1 The Man I Love 5:40
A2 Perido 9:00
A3 Thunderbird 5:10
B1 Polka Dots And Moon Beams 5:50
B2 All Souls 5:00
B3 Flamingo 5:40

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CHECKER RECORDS 1966                                          LPS-3002


recorded at Ter Mar Recording Studios,
Chicago in June 1966.
engineer Ron Malo

tracks list:

A1 Feel So Bad     4:04
A2 Reconsider, Baby 3:30
A3 Stormy Monday 4:23
A4 Woke Up This Morning 3:27
A5 Hard Luck Blues 3:00
A6 Please, Please, Please 3:45
B1 Sweet Sixteen 6:10
B2 Fever 2:49
B3 Sneakin' Around 2:20
B4 Don't Decieve Me 3:05
B5 Have Mercy, Baby 2:53
B6 Part Time Love 3:55


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BLUE NOTE RECORDS 1969                                   BST 84337 

credits :

Alto Saxophone – Lou Donaldson
    Bass Guitar [Fender Bass] – Jimmy Lewis
    Drums – Idris Muhammad
    Guitar – Melvin Sparks
    Organ – Charles Earland (tracks: B1, B2),
 Lonnie Smith (tracks: A1 to A3, B3)
    Trumpet – Blue Mitchell (tracks: A1 to A3, B3), 
Eddie Williams (tracks: B1, B2)

    Producer – Francis Wolff
    Recorded By Rudy Van Gelder
    Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ,
    Tracks B1 and B2 recorded on August 22, 1969.
    Tracks A1 to A3 and B3 recorded on January 9, 1970

tracks list:

A1 Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (From Now On) 5:15
A2 Hamp's Hump 6:35
A3 Over The Rainbow 7:05
B1 Donkey Walk 6:32
B2 West Indian Daddy 6:22
B3 Minor Bash 6:08

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (From Now On) 

 Donkey Walk

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STAX RECORDS 1969                                               STS 2011


producer: steve cropper

tracks list:

A1 Knock On Wood    
A2 Raise Your Hand    
A3 Love Is A Doggone Good Thing    
A4 On A Saturday Night    
A5 Things Get Better    
A6 Bring It On Home    
B1 I've Never Found A Girl    
B2 Big Bird    
B3 Got To Make A Comeback    
B4 I've Just Been Feeling Bad    
B5 I'm Just The Kind Of Fool    
B6 This House



PRESTIGE RECORDS 1968                                            PR7568  


George Coleman, Buddy Terry (tenor saxophone)
Harold Mabern (piano)
Bill Lee (bass)
Walter Perkins (drums)

recorded at
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs,
NJ, March 11, 1968

tracks list:

01 A Few Miles FRom Memphis 05:30
02 Walkin' Back 05:52
03 A Treat For Bea 06:08
04 Syden Blue     04:00
05 There's A Kind Of Hush 05:35
06 B & B 07:27
07 To Wane 06:24



DOCTOR BIRD RECORDS  1965                               DLM 5000

tracks list:

A1 Ska-Boo-Da-Ba    
A2 Confucious    
A3 China Town    
A4 The Reburial    
A5 Smiling    
A6 Skaravan    
B1 Ringo    
B2 Surftide Seven    
B3 Lawless Street    
B4 Marcus Junior    
B5 Ghost Town    
B6 China Clipper 

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TROJAN RECORDS 1969                                            TTL 23

tracks list:

A1 Garden Of Love    
A2 Feeling Fine    
A3 Dearest    
A4 Street Corner    
A5 Latin Goes Ska    
A6 Green Island    
B1 Silver Dollar    
B2 Let George Do It    
B3 Woman A Come    
B4 Knock Out Punch    
B5 Dr Decker    
B6 Occupation 


SOLID STATE RECORDS 1967                         SS 18014 

Vibraphonist Johnny Lytle covers the score of the movie
"A Man And A Woman" by French composer Francis Lai in a jazz setting,
the LP was released in 1967 on Solid State Records,
players are Johnny Lytle on vibes, Richard Davis on bass,
Johnny Pacheco on latin drums, Bill Hinnant on drums
and Jim Foster on organ. Production by Sonny Lester.
New York City: 1967


Johnny Lytle: Vibes
Richard Davis: bass,
Johnny Pacheco: latin drums,
Bill Hinnant: drums
Jim Foster: organ

 tracks list:

1. Stronger Than Us
2. Today It's You
3. Samba Saravah
4. A Man And A Woman
5. A Man And A Woman (v2)
6. Stronger Than Us (Bossa Nova)
7. In Our Shadow

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PACIFIC JAZZ RECORDS 1966                                    PJ-10107


 Herbie Lewis (tracks: B1, B4, B5),
Paul Chambers  (tracks: B2, B3),
Victor Gaskin (tracks: A1 to A3)
Paul Humphrey (tracks: A1 to A3, B2, B3),
Ron Jefferson (tracks: B1, B4, B5)
Piano :
Les McCann

recorded at:

Rex Productions Studio, Hollywood, CA, 
August 3, 1960
 Los Angeles, CA, October 30 or 29, 1963
 "After Hours Concert", "The Esquire Theater", Los Angeles, CA, 
circa 1964

tracks list:

 A1 The Shampoo     8:41
A2 (Shades Of) Spanish Onions 2:55
A3 The Shout 5:35
B1 Gone On And Get That Chruch     3:40
B2 Fish This Week 2:40
B3 Kathleens Theme 3:31
B4 The Truth 6:45
B5 We'll See Yaw'll After While Ya Heah 3:48

(recorded live at Esquire Theater)



CADET RECORDS 1965                                            LPS 760

Inter-Action is an album by saxophonists Sonny Stitt 
and Zoot Sims recorded in Chicago in 1965 
and released on the Cadet label.


Bass – Sam Kidd
Drums – Phil Thomas 
Piano – John Young 
Tenor Saxophone – Zoot Sims
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Sonny Stitt

January 25, 1965 Ter Mar Recording Studios, Chicago, IL
Engineer – Ron Malo

tracks list:

A1 My Blue Heaven 7:58
A2 The Saber 2:59
A3 Katea 6:35
B1 Fools Rush In 5:35
B2 Look Down That Lonesome Road 7:20
B3 I Want To Go Home 4:25

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ARGO RECORDS 1962                                                     LP 701 


Arranged By [Reeds] – Oliver Nelson
Arranged By [Strings] – Lew Douglas
Bass – Eldee Young
Drums – Red Holt
Piano – Ramsey Lewis
reeds strings
Liner Notes – Al Clarke

Recorded: August 2 & 3, 1962 -
Bell Sound Studio, New York City

tracks listing:

A1        Your Cheatin' Heart
Written By – H. Williams   
A2        St. Louis Blues
Written By – W. C. Handy  
A3        Blueberry Hill
Written By – Lewis-Stock-Rose   
A4        Country Meets The Blues
Written By – R. Lewis  
A5        Memphis In June
Written By – Carmichael   
B1        High Noon
Written By – Tiomkine-Washington   
B2        I Need You So
Written By – Hunter  
B3        I Just Want To Make Love To You
Written By – W. Dixon  
B4        Tangleweed 'Round My Heart
Written By – Kelley-Wyatt   
B5        My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Written By – C. Williams

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TUBA RECORDS 1965                                                 LP 5001 


Bass – George Duvivier
    Congas – Willie Rodrigues*
    Drums – William "Peppy" Hinnant
    Organ – Milt Harris (tracks: A1, A3 to B5)
    Piano – Wynton Kelly (tracks: A2 to B1, B3, B4)
    Vibraphone, Marimba – Johnny Lytle
Producer – Orrin Keepnews

New York, prob. December 30, 1964
Milt Harris (org); George Duvivier (b); William "Peppy" Hinnant (d);
Johnny Lytle (vib,mar); Willie Rodriguez (cga).

    a. The Loop (Johnny Lytle)
    b. Possum Grease (Johnny Lytle)
    c. Hot Sauce (Johnny Lytle)

New York, prob. mid 1965
Wynton Kelly (p); Bob Cranshaw (b); William "Peppy" Hinnant (d); 
Johnny Lytle (vib,mar); Willie Rodriguez (cga).

    d. The More I See You (Gordon/Warren)

Same, add Milt Harris (org).

    e. The Man (Johnny Lytle)
    f. Time After Time (Styne/Cahn)
    g. Big Bill (Johnny Lytle)
    h. Cristo Redentor (Duke Pearson)
    i. The Shyster (Johnny Lytle)
    j. My Romance (Rodgers/Hart)
tracks list:

A1 The Loop     2:17    
A2 The More I See You     4:17    
A3 The Man     2:38    
A4 Time After Time     4:25    
A5 Big Bill     3:49    
B1 Possum Grease     2:09    
B2 Cristo Redentor     4:39    
B3 The Shyster     3:04    
B4 My Romance     3:59    
B5 Hot Sauce     2:20

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